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How To Buy Cheap Guns For Your Defense

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How To Buy Cheap Guns For Your Defense SECURITY, WEAPONS

Having little or no money is not a good reason to get stuck with a poor quality gun or not buy one at all.   There are many firearms that are well built, will last a good amount of time when shot correctly, and can fit into your budget.  In times of civil unrest, or other situations where you need to protect yourself and your family, nothing can take the place of a gun.

Stick to New Guns

At first glance, new guns may cost more.  On the other hand, when you buy a new gun, it means you are the first owner.  As such, you won’t have to worry about situations where the previous owner did not clean the gun properly, or did something else that shortens the lifespan of the weapon.  When you buy a new gun, it will also come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Pay Attention to the Model and Its History

Many guns on the market today have precursors that are still available for sale.  Even though these older models may be cheaper when sold as brand new, it may not be worth your while. Pay careful attention to design improvements that lead to better accuracy, reliability, and safety.

How to Buy Used Weapons

If you cannot find a good quality gun at an affordable price, there may still be options in the used gun market.  Before you commit to a purchase, research the model online to find out how much it is going for on the used gun market.

Your study should also include information on how many guns were made by the manufacturer, major faults and recalls, and what owners think of the weapon.

The Legacy Differance

Once you know which model you are going to buy, it is just as important to research the seller.  Here are some things to consider for each venue:

  • If you are buying from a gun shop, it should have a suitable location and address.
  • Do not forget about pawn shops.  They can be risky, especially if they are known to be disreputable. If you decide to buy a gun from a pawn shop, you will still have to fill out the same paperwork and go through the same routine as you would in any other gun shop.  While pawn shops will not always give you the best price, they tend to be good for browsing.
  • Gun shows are a good place to buy firearms.  You can choose from hundreds of sellers that may have the gun model you are looking for.  This includes guns that have upgraded sights or something else that may be of value to you.  That being said, never buy on impulse at a gun show. Always have a detailed list of what you are looking for as well as any features or known problems that may show up in used models.
  • On line gun shop market places- Overall, there are many online stores that have good reputations.  Unfortunately, these venues do not make it possible to examine the gun in person. You will have to trust that the pictures and descriptions are accurate.  Before you buy, check out the company’s BBB rating and see if there is anything else online that reveal previous customer experiences.

Used Guns and Previous Owners

Before you buy a used firearm, you should find out who the last owner was.  If possible, find out if they used the gun much, and why they are selling it.  Pay careful attention to whether or not the gun has been customized and the quality of that job.  You should also find out if the gun is a police trade-in or manufacturer rebuild.

How to Examine a Gun Before Buying It

When you are buying a used gun, it is very important to study it carefully.  Failure to do this is just asking to be ripped off. Here are some things to look for:

  • Signs of excessive wear and tear, or anything else that will affect normal functioning.
  • Is there anything loose or missing? Try shaking it to see if it rattles.  If it makes noise,  look for the reason why.  If the problem is easy and cheap to fix, then you might consider buying the weapon.
  • Was this firearm ever customized? If so what was done to it and is it of use to you?
  • Request permission to dissemble the firearms.  The best way to see the exact condition of a firearm is to dissemble or field strip it. This is the time to look for hidden problems such as a bulged barrel, hidden rust, and chamber pitting.
  • Dry fire the weapon using a snap cap to simulate the actual workings of the firearm. If there is a problem with the weapon it will show up at this time.  If the firearm has a magazine, drop it, safety check the weapon, and then rack the slide back a few times.
  • Always be ready to walk away if the firearm isn’t what you want, or you have a nagging feeling that something isn’t right.

Negotiating the Sale Price

When buying new firearms, the price is set by the manufacturer, so there isn’t much you can do to get a lower price.  When it comes to used guns, however, you can always ask the seller about the lowest price they will accept.  Do not forget to also ask if there is a discount for paying cash or if they will take something else in trade to knock down the price.   Don’t insult the seller with an excessively low price or a deal that isn’t equitable.

Buying Guns Via Private Sale

This form of purchase should also include a careful examination of the weapon to assess its functionality.  It is still best to avoid buying guns from people you don’t know because of the research required on the history of the weapon.  If you purchase a gun that was stolen or used in a crime, then you can wind up in some very serious legal trouble.  You should also take care when buying ammo and magazines, as certain types may be banned in your state. Even if they are offered as part of the purchase, it is best to avoid buying something that will get you into trouble later on. Remember, your goal is to have a gun available in a time of need, not wind up in prison or unable to buy a weapon before that time.

If you decide to buy a gun through a private sale, only buy from people that you know and trust.  That being said, there are still some things you can do if you feel a stranger has the model you are looking for at the right price.  Make sure you meet them at a local shooting range. This is the perfect time and place to look the gun over and shoot it to see how well it works.

No matter how careful you are, do not forget that it is easy to be robbed during a private sale.  If you don’t know the other person, try to meet in a public place, or in a safe buyer’s zone across the street from a police or sheriff’s office.  It may also be of some help to have a trusted friend nearby that can assist if needed.  Do not let on that you know the other person, as this could also put them in danger.  As an additional option, you can always ask to have the transaction completed at a gun store and request an FFL transfer. This should clear up any legal issues or paperwork problems that would otherwise be hard to spot.

Gun Types and The Usefulness for Survival Needs

When you visit a gun store or gun show, you will see hundreds to thousands of guns on display.  They literally come in all shapes, sizes, and capacities.  In order to buy the best gun in your budget range, you should always keep in mind you are looking for something that can be used for survival and self defense. Even though a gun may get excellent reviews as a target or competition shooting gun, or it may be something similar to a military weapon, that doesn’t mean it is ideal for taking down a deer or defending your home.  Here are some basic gun designs and how they may or may not work for survival needs.

  • Handguns – You can choose between pistols and revolvers.  Lower caliber weapons are good for beginners and may still work for personal defense. You will need something in a higher caliber for home defense and shooting anything other than small game.  Choose a revolver for easy maintenance and reliability. If you are looking for better accuracy, greater ammunition capability, and accessories, go with a pistol.
  • Semi-Auto Rifles – These are a good defense against a single or multiple adversaries and can be used for large game.  They are also a good weapon if you must deal with a riot or other situation where you need to fire a lot of bullets before achieving safety.  You will need a good bit of practice to use these guns correctly.
  • Bolt Action Rifle – These rifles are better suited for home defense and hunting. They are also very easy to learn on and shoot.
  • Lever Action Rifle – Also good for home defense and hunting.  Beginners can also use them with very little training.
  • Shotgun – Usually some of the best weapons for home defense. They also work well for hunting.
  • Pump Action Shotgun – These guns will work for home defense and hunting, however they are time consuming to operate and there is more felt recoil.  They are some of the most reliable long guns to operate, and require less training and practice to gain proficiency.
  • Semi-Auto Shotgun – Fine for home defense and hunting.  Gas system designs are harder to clean and may weigh more.
  • Double and Single Barrel Shotguns – Both single and double barrel designs are often the gun of choice for hunting and home defense on a budget.

Budget Gun Models to Consider

The following firearms either new or used that I would recommend for individuals on a budget to buy for their family’s defensive and hunting needs.



Taurus Millennium G2

Caliber: 9mm

Barrel: 3.25”

Weight: 22 OZ.

Sights: Fixed Front, Adjustable Rear

Features: Picatinny Rail

Finish: Matte Stainless or Black

Capacity: 10/ 12 Shot Magazines

American Tactical FX-45

Caliber: 45 ACP

Barrel: 5”

Weight: 49 OZ.

Grips: Mahogany

Sights: Fixed

Features: Single Action

Finish: Black

Capacity: 7/8 Shot Magazine

American Tactical Imports GSG 1911

Caliber: 22 Long Rifle

Barrel: 5”

Weight: 2.15 LBS.

Grips: Walnut Grips

Sights: Fixed 3 Dot

Features: Single Action, Grip and Extended Safeties

Finish: Black

Capacity: 10 Rounds


Charter Arms Pathfinder

Caliber: 22 Long Rifle

Barrel: 2”

Weight: 19 OZ.

Grips : Rubber

Sights: Fixed

Features: SA/DA

Finish: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 6 Rounds

Taurus Model 65

Caliber: .357 Mag. Or .38 Special +P

Barrel: 4”

Weight: 38 OZ.

Grips: Rubber

Sights: Fixed

Features: SA/DA

Finish: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 6 Rounds




Ruger AR-556 8500

Caliber: 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington

Barrel: 16.1 Cold Hammer Forged

Stock: 6 Position Collapsible Stock

Weight: 6.5 LBS.

Grips: Black

Finish: Black Type III Hard Coat Anodized

Sights: Rear Flip/Up Front Sight Adjustable Post

Features: Carbine Length Gas System, Mil-Spec Parts

Capacity: 30 Rounds in Magazines


Century Arms International RAS 47

Caliber: 7.62x39mm

Barrel: 16.25” Black Nitrite Treated With Muzzle Slant Brake

Weight: 7.8 LBS.

Grips: Black Plastic

Sights: Front Shielded Adjustable Post, Rear Notched Rear Tangent Calibrated For 100 To 800 Meters

Stock: Black Polymer Furniture, AKM Furniture Compatible

Features: Stamped  Receiver, Black Finnish, With RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group, 100% American Made

Capacity: 30 Rounds  And All Other AK-47 Magazines And Drums

Bolt action

Mossberg Patriot

Caliber: .308

Barrel: 22”

Weight: 7 LBS.

Grips: N/A

Sights: Weaver Base, Scope Combo

Stock: Laminate, Synthetic, or Walnut

Finish: Matte Blue or Marinecote

Features: Bolt Action,

Capacity: 5 Shot Magazines

Savage Arms Mark II FFS Combo Bolt Action Rifle

Caliber: .22 LR

Barrel: 21” Stainless Steel

Weight: 5.5 LBS.

Grips: N/A

Sights: 3-9×40 Scope (Pre Mounted)

Stock: Synthetic

Finish: Black

Features: Right Hand Bolt Action, Savage Accu Trigger, Weaver Style Rings/Base, Sling Swivel Studs

Capacity: 10 Round Magazines

Lever Action

Henry Lever Action/Varmint Express

Caliber: 22 LR/L/ S

Barrel: 18”

Weight: 4.5 LBS.

Grips: N/A

Sights: Adjustable

Stock: Walnut

Finish: Black

Features: Lever Action

Capacity: 16 Round Magazines


Pump Actions

Mossberg Maverick 88

Gauge: 12

Barrel: 20” (Security) 3” Chamber

Weight: 5.5 Lbs.

Stocks: Synthetic

Features: Smooth Pump Action

Finish: Black

Capacity: 5/8 Shot

Rock Island Armory M5

Gauge: 12 (3” Chamber)

Barrel: 20”

Weight: 7.5 Lbs.

Stocks: Polymer

Features: Pump Action

Finish: Matte Nickel

Capacity: 5 Shot


Mossberg SA-20 Tactical

Gauge: 20

Barrel: 20” (3” Chamber)

Weight: 5.75 LBS.

Stocks: Black Polymer pistol grip

Features: Optics Ready Top Rail, Ghost Ring Rear/ Fiber Optic Front Sights

Capacity: 5 Rounds

Double Barrel

STOEGER Double Defense

Gauge: 12

Barrel: 20” (3” Chamber)

Weight: 7 LBS.

Stock: Black Finished Walnut

Sights: Fiber-Optic Front, Picatinny Rail at Rear

Features Over/Under Break Action

Finish: Black

Capacity: 2 Shots


Gauge: 12

Barrel: 20” (3” Chamber)

Weight: 6.5 LBS.

Stock: Walnut/Hardwood

Sights: Bead Front

Features: Side-By-Side Boxlock Break Action, Double Triggers

Finish: Matte Black

Capacity: 2 Rounds

Single Barrel

Savage Stevens 301 Single Shot

Gauge: 12

Barrel: 26” (3” Chamber)

Weight: 6 LBS.

Stock: Synthetic

Sights: Front Bead Sight

Features: Single Shot Break Action, Removable Modified Choke, Winchester Choke Compatible

Finish: Matte Black

Capacity: 1 Shot

In a time of social unrest, there will be a definite need for low cost well built firearms to defend you and your family.  Regardless of the age or history of the gun, it is important to choose one that will last a long time and be reliable.

It is also just as important to make sure that there are no legal problems associated with your purchase, as that can easily prevent you from having a gun and your freedom to move around when you need them most.


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