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The Informed Urban Prepper — Cabin In The Woods

Building Your Own Log Cabin

Posted by Mike Quam on

Building a log cabin is not complicated, but it is difficult. The work is back-breaking, and the process requires incredible tenacity. If you are doing the work by yourself, the build will take months and possibly years depending on how much free time you have to work on the project. That being said, it is incredibly rewarding to know you took natural materials and made a home from them.

There are dozens of ways to build a log cabin. You can purchase kits, have lumber delivered, and even build a multi-room, multi-level luxury fortress if you like. However, this is not what I think of when I envision building a log cabin. In this article I will cover a simple process to build a small, one room cabin with almost entirely found materials. All you should have to purchase are metal spikes, roofing, windows, and doors. The rest we can find in the woods.

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