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The Informed Urban Prepper — Escape & Evasion

How to Evade and Escape Tracking Dogs

Posted by Mike Quam on

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In a changing world the bad guys can come to power -- like the Nazis of World War II. When the bad guys control the law, you might have to make a run for it -- or die if you don't.

Knowing how to escape tracking dogs can help you escape martial law, hard life in a political prison or concentration camp, or even interrogation and torture during a time of war.

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Kidnapped? These Tips Will Help You Escape

Posted by Mike Quam on

Kidnapping is a frightening experience no matter how old you are or why it is happening to you. Being locked in a vehicle trunk without any mean of defense is a challenge that nobody would choose to face, and takes toughness and a survival mindset to get over it.

Even if your kidnapper is only looking for ransom money, you must still know how to avoid making the things worse. They may not want to hurt or kill you, but the fact remains: you were taken away against your will and that you are dealing with a criminal.

Your safety is at risk, so you need to know how to act for your survival. Would you know how to untie your hands, or get rid of the trunk and signal for help?

Read the following article and you’ll get what you need to face the unexpected!

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