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The Informed Urban Prepper — How To Build A Gypsy Well And Filter Water More Easily

How To Build A Gypsy Well And Filter Water More Easily

Posted by Mike Quam on

How To Build A Gypsy Well And Filter Water More Easily

Finding water in the wilderness can be a challenge, especially in some parts of the country.

Finding relatively clean water can be even worse. Yet clean water is essential in a survival situation. Taking chances with water which is not clean is extremely dangerous, especially if one’s health is suffering from lack of proper nutrition or exposure to microscopic pathogens.

But what do you do if the only water you can find doesn’t look all that appetizing? This isn’t really all that unusual in the wild, especially in areas where water is rare. About the only thing you might find is muddy water or water that is stagnant and scummy. Not exactly the best water to drink.

The classic survival answer is that any water found in the wild should be purified. But I’d have to say muddy or scummy water probably needs more than just purification. Many of the purification methods we commonly use won’t get rid of the mud or scum; and those that will, will quickly become clogged up if you use them to make the water both clear and clean.

What is needed is a natural way of making the water clear, removing solids from it, before purifying it. The better this can be done, the easier it will be for any filter or other water purification method you choose to use. Rather than becoming plugged up with mud, a survival water filter could then simply remove the microscopic pathogens that it is intended to.

This is where the Gypsy Well, sometimes also known as an “Indian Well” comes in.

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