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5 Things To Consider After Bugging Out

Posted by Mike Quam on

5 Things To Consider After Bugging Out - Bug Out Plan, PLANNING

We talk a lot about bugging out in the prepping and survival community, but we don’t really go much farther than the actual bug out itself, except to talk about survival retreats.

But, as we all know, not all of us can afford some cabin in the woods to use as a survival retreat. I’ve been taking a fresh look at the idea of bugging out, specifically looking for holes in our planning.

I’m going to start with the assumption that you’ve got a bug out plan in place. That has to include a destination and route to get there. Hopefully you’ve already got some supplies stockpiled in place, or if not in place, at least close by, where you can get to it easily. If you don’t have that, your bug out isn’t likely to succeed; those are just the basic essentials for any bug out.

We all know that we can’t depend on driving in a bug out situation, although we probably have plans on doing just that. However, we recognize the possibility that we might have to abandon our vehicles, due to traffic jams, and head out on foot. So, we’ve planned for that too.

But what I want to deal with now, is what do we do when we get to our survival retreat, wherever that might be? Basically, there are four options for this, if we assume that none of us are willing to put our families in the hands of the government and go to a FEMA camp:

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5 Water Storage Myths Every Prepper Should Know

Posted by Mike Quam on

In any emergency situation water is going to be at the top of your priority list. Without water, your survival chances are measured in days – and not many of them. It’s vital that you have access to a reliable supply of clean, safe water. How much? At a minimum, a gallon a day for everyone in your group for a period of at least two weeks. For a family of four that means 56 gallons of water, and that’s a bare minimum. When you have to use it for drinking, cooking and washing, a gallon of water isn’t a...

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5 Simple Steps For Foolproof Bugging Out

Posted by Mike Quam on

5 Simple Steps For Foolproof Bugging Out - Bug Out Plan, PLANNING

Having a bug out plan is supposed to be a normal part of preparedness. But in reality, many of us lack an adequate bug out plan.

We may have some vague idea of what to do and may even have a bug out bag that’s somewhat packed. But that’s a long way from having a full bug-out plan in place.

But what are we going to do, if we find ourselves caught in a situation where we suddenly have to bug out? Hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, forest fires and a host of other situations can put us in the position of suddenly having to put a non-existent bug out plan into effect. As I look back over the last few years, I see this happening over and over again. The Oroville Dam in California; Hurricane Harvey flooding the Southeast part of Houston, even the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. In each of these cases, thousands of people suddenly had to evacuate, without being ready.

Granted, you and I are in that small group of people who are supposedly ready. But as I already said, many times we are not. So, if such a thing were to happen in our neighborhood, many of us are going to find ourselves in trouble, as we won’t really be sure what to do.

Okay, so what should we do if that happens? Let’s walk through this and see how we could handle an emergency evacuation, whether ordered by the government or just because we see the need ourselves.

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Survival Tactics Of The Past Vs. Survival Today

Posted by Mike Quam on

Survival Tactics Of The Past Vs. Survival Today - GENERAL PREP, Survival Skills

The human race may have undergone great many changes over the past few millennia with regard to certain key aspects such as society, technology and the likes, but the way we respond to danger has pretty much stayed the same.

This is referring to the famous “fight or flight” response when our brain gives us two options – either to stand and fight, or to flee. Sure, our weapons may have become a lot more sophisticated on the whole, but our response to any dangerous situation, in general, remains the same.

Having said that, it is worthwhile taking a look at the two main aspects that depend on your survival in the wilderness and in general. The first aspect is the essential skills or rather tactics that everyone should possess or at least have basic knowledge about. The second aspect is the variety of weapons at your disposal that can be used both for hunting wild animals as well as cutting branches and other plants.

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9 Ways To DIY A Low Effort & Cheap Bomb Shelter

Posted by Mike Quam on

9 Ways To DIY A Low Effort & Cheap Bomb Shelter - Bug In Plan, PLANNING
  • There is a 50% chance most folks will be home in a nuclear attack, a 25% chance they will be at work and a 25% chance they will be somewhere else, so learn the locations of shelters near places you spend time.
  • Distance from fallout particles and amount of shielding material between you and fallout particles make for an effective shelter against radiation.
  • Shelters can be built even at homes without a basement. If this is your home, check out the Under-Slab Shelter.
  • Shelters do not need complicated air filtration systems to protect against fallout. A wet bed -sheet will do in a pinch.

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