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How We Got Started -

is a Secreto Investments Corporation / Company

Founded in 2014, by Michael Quam, CEO, and Kat Blowers, VP.

Secreto Investments Corporation is a family owned and operated company run by dedicated, serious, Emergency Preparedness Experts.  

Our company mission is to provide other like minded "Preppers" with the fastest, LOWEST PRICE, Emergency Preparedness Survival Supplies Delivery Services on the internet.

Our company CEO is very passionate about Emergency Preparedness, and is an avid adventurer and live-aboard sailor.  He swears by our Freeze-Dried Food Products, and our Bannock Camping Food, and exclusively stocks his sailboat galley with Legacy Premium Food Storage and Bannock Outdoor meals.

He says that not only is Legacy the best tasting Freeze-Dried Food made , "Period", but that it also stacks below deck for stowage better than all other food storage container systems use by our competitors. This is because of the unique heavy-duty square, air and water-tight, stackable buckets the Legacy Meal Kits are packaged in!  He also points out that as a "Nautical Prepper" these great buckets have dozens of other uses onboard a sailing vessel when empty, and in an emergency "pinch" the 3/4 opening hinged bucket-lid also turns the bucket into a pretty handy "Porta-Potty" when onboard systems break down! 

We have tested and tried literally every single brand of Freeze-Dried Emergency Food that we could get our hands on researching the BEST Emergency Food products to share with Preppers and Survivalists who are working with a limited budget.  After sampling each offering and running several of our own blind taste tests, our research clearly showed the winner, Legacy Premium.

In addition to providing more healthy calories than any other company, Legacy proved to have the best taste, and was prefered by 4 out of 5 people in blind taste tests.

Our company goal isn't to get rich selling Survival Gear and Food.  It is simply to provide the absolute BEST Emergency Preparedness Survival Supplies Delivery Services on the internet with 100% FREE SHIPPING and a super fast front door delivery in only a week or less. (Usually 2-5 days front door delivery depending on carrier service, and always same day order processing)