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Apple Slices

nutrition facts applePack your emergency food supply full of wholesome freeze dried snack options like delicious dry apple slices and satisfy even the pickiest eaters in the family. Legacy Essentials freeze dried apple slices have great flavor, important fiber and crucial nutrients to keep energy and vitality up during any emergency. Dry apple slices have a 25-year shelf life and can be eaten straight from the bag or softened first in water. Confidently build your food supply with tasty apple slices.

Add one cup apple slices to one cup water and soak for 15-20 minutes until tender. Use as desired. May be eaten straight from package.

Ingredients: Fuji Apples (treated with ascorbic acid & sodium chloride).
Allergen: None

Package Information
NET WT 6.17oz (180g)
Total Servings: 25
Total Calories: 625
Serving Size: 1/4 cup

Dry Apple Slices for Dehydrated Emergency Food Supply
Legacy Essentials sells dry foods and snacks at the lowest price in the emergency food supply business. Their freeze dried apple slices are a popular emergency food because of their familiarity and high nutritional content. Dry apple slices are sealed in Mylar pouches, packed with an oxygen absorber and nitrogen flush, and a perfect long-term addition to your freeze dried emergency food supply because of their long term shelf life. Pouches come in handy, stackable buckets for condensed storage space.

Apples are a common household fruit so dry apple slices are a smart add-on to your kid-friendly, freeze dried emergency food supply. Apples supply fiber, vitamin C and iron and taste great. Chop dry apple slices straight from the bag and use as a natural sweetener in muffin or cake mixes. Add to trail mixes or soften in water for a minute and enjoy alone. Use freeze dried apple slices as an emergency treat, on a campout or while running errands.

Include your family’s favorite foods as part of your freeze dried emergency supply and ensure a well-rounded diet of varying dry fruits and vegetables. Freeze dried apple slices are a familiar snack that will satisfy hearty appetites while providing innumerable health benefits. Make every dry emergency food calorie count by supplying valuable freeze dried apple slices to your family and friends in their time of need.

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