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Emergency Water Supply Box

The 5 Gallon Water Supply Box from Legacy Premium is the ultimate in space saving and efficient water storage.  Water storage is essential for an emergency, and most experts agree that having at least 1 gallon of water per day per person is essential for survival.  Each water container box will store 5 gallons of water and has an easy access spigot to get to your water supply.  Start your water storage today!

Package Information

    • 5-gallon Bags with Spigot
    • Heavy-duty Stackable Water Box

Emergency 5-Gallon Water Storage Container Box

Effective, simple water storage is a critical component of any emergency supply.  Most survival experts agree that having at least 1 gallon of water per day per person is essential to being prepared for a disaster.  The 5-gallon water container from Legacy makes storing enough emergency water a reality.  With thick, tough-to-puncture, BPS-free plastic bags protected by heavy-duty cardboard boxes, storing water has never been simpler.

Many preppers are very familiar with the big, 55-gallon blue water barrels.  While effective for storing great amounts of water, those containers are impossible to move, waste space, and lack a spigot for quick access to water.  Our 5-gallon water containers stack perfectly on top of each other to maximize storage, weigh 40 lbs once filled, and have a built in spigot for quick, easy water access.  Heavy-duty cardboard containers also keep sunlight from penetrating the water pouch, extending the shelf life of the water and the pouch.

Having drinkable water during a disaster would ensure that your family would survive, since water is essential to life.  Protect your family with a 5-gallon water container box and enjoy some added peace of mind.  Emergency water storage has been taken to a new level with stackable storage containers.  The 5-gallon emergency water storage box is simple to fill, easy to stack, and gives quick water access in an emergency.

5-Gallon Emergency Water Box Benefits

      • 5-gallon BPA-free plastic bag
      • Stackable, heavy-duty cardboard box
      • Built-in, easy-to-use spigot on each bag

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