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FugitivePrices & Legacy Food Storage Teams with Honeyville for Healthier Emergency Meals

With Honeyville, Legacy Offers Additional Health Certificates and Higher Supplier Production Standards  

SALT LAKE CITY – September 24, 2014 – Legacy Food Storage, a manufacturer of good tasting and healthy meals for food storage and emergency needs, today announced Honeyville Inc. as its new ingredients supplier. As of today, all Legacy food products will feature Honeyville ingredients, with a full range of certifications that meet the diet and overall health requests Legacy continues to receive from clients as well as higher overall supplier production standards. Statements from Honeyville confirming the accuracy of Legacy Premium and Legacy Essential items labeled as non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), gluten-free, and kosher can be found at: 

Honeyville Verifies Non-GMO and Gluten Free Claims

“Since its beginning, Legacy has strived to provide the healthiest – and most delicious – emergency foods, with real ingredients certified by our vendors as ‘GMO-free’ as well as featuring no cholesterol, no trans fat, low sodium, no MSG and high fiber,” said Phil Cox, CEO, Legacy Food Storage. “With all ingredients now supplied by Honeyville, not only will our foods meet the aforementioned benefits but Honeyville’s additional certifications for dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, lactose-free, and even kosher, will give consumers with these restrictions the confidence they need to make Legacy their emergency food vendor of choice.”

Honeyville, founded in 1951, has more than 60 years in the food industry. Its facilities – located in Honeyville and Salt Lake City, Utah; Phoenix, Ariz.; Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., and Cincinnati, Ohio – are among the highest-rated facilities in the country with SQF Level 2 (NSF) facility certification and additional 3rd party certifications in kosher, halal, organic, non-GMO; and gluten-free products.

“Our full line of ingredients cater to specialty diet and allergen control needs, which fits in perfectly with the ongoing requests Legacy receives from its diverse customer base,” said Johnny Ferry, vice president of marketing & product development, Honeyville Inc. “We’ve worked with Legacy over the last several months to reformulate their products to meet Legacy’s certification requirements while at the same time tasting the same or even better than what consumers have grown to expect and appreciate about Legacy Food Storage.”


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Michael Quam, CEO,

 About Legacy Food Storage

Legacy’s pre-packaged emergency food storage meals and products provide consumers with good tasting, high-quality food that is convenient and provides peace-of-mind knowing good food will be available during times of emergency or need.

About Honeyville Inc.

Honeyville Inc. has been a leader in food ingredients since 1951. Founded as a grain manufacture and wholesaler. Since that time Honeyville has expanded and boasts multiple facilities with top brand customers from all around the world. Still a top leader in grain manufacturing, Honeyville Inc. has expanded its services to include flour and mix blending, private label co-packing, wholesale ingredient distribution, formulation, TempSURE® heat-treatment, logistics, and consumer retail stores and products.

*MAP pricing is a relatively new sales term. MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price. It means a manufacturer of a product has a contractual agreement with its distributors that the distributors will not advertise the manufactured product below a certain agreed upon price.