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 Emergency Preparedness should ALWAYS include preparations for self defense for when your bullets run out.  Often times Preppers rely too heavily on the firearms that they keep in their homes, or that they've got stashed at their secret Bug-Out location, for the protection of family and property.  They rarely ever take into consideration the fact  that if something were to happen to their  "Security/Property Insurance", ie, GUNS, they will be totally defenseless!

Whatever the case may be, in a SHTF scenario, you would be a wise prepper if you had alternative methods of Self-Defense! 

 ...This is why we created DestroyaParanoia -

 So that safety conscientious Preppers not only have a "PLAN-B" in their defense plan, but also to give them an option between almost the almost certain death by gunshot of a would-be attacker, or just incapacitating them enough to give the prepper the upper hand!  Not everyone likes the idea of becoming a killer in the name of property defense!


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