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42 Servings Freeze-Dried Mango Pouch - 6 pack w/bucket

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42 Large Servings X 6

Get that tropical feeling without ever leaving your kitchen thanks to Legacy Essentials freeze-dried bulk mango supply. Freeze-dried mangos taste so good your kids won’t even know they’re good for them. This superfood has lots of vitamins and minerals that will keep everyone sustained during whatever emergency you may encounter. Your emergency supply of bulk mango and other Legacy freeze-dried foods will last up to 10-15 years, unless your family eats it all before then.
Package Information
Total Servings: 42
Serving Size: 1/4 cup (8g)
Total Calories: 1,260

Details & Specs

Freeze Dried Mango in Bulk for Emergency Food Supply

Legacy Essentials provides a wide assortment of nutritious freeze-dried bulk foods to get your emergency supply started. Emergency foods are made from high quality ingredients. Legacy Essentials tasty and healthy bulk foods are the best value in the emergency supply industry. This freeze-dried supply of bulk foods comes vacuum-packed in Mylar pouches sealed with an oxygen absorber and nitrogen flush.

Freeze-dried mangos are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin A. Mangoes are used as snacks, in fine cuisine and everywhere in between. Keep a bulk supply of mangos to use in all emergencies, large or small.Freeze-dried mangos are wonderful in glazes, on salads or when making homemade granola.To hydrate freeze-dried mangos soak one cup of mangos in one cup of water for 1-3 minutes.

Build your emergency supply with familiar bulk foods like freeze-dried apple slices and banana chips. You can also surprise your family with a unique treat by adding healthy and delicious mango to your emergency food supply.Freeze-dried emergency foods are very convenient to have in an emergency because you just add water to prepare them. If no water is available, these bulk foods can be eaten right out of the bag. Either way, you and your family will be prepared.

Freeze Dried Mango Features -

  • Freeze Dried, High Quality Ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Resealable Bag
  • Food will last up to 1 year after breaking seal
  • Bag Stands Easily on a Shelf
  • Up to 10-15 year shelf Life
  • Great addition to your food storage or Perfect for Daily Use
  • Simple to Prepare - Just Add Water to Rehydrate
Packaging and Delivery Details

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