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Basic Auto Safety Kit

Basic Auto Safety Kit

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Emergency preparedness should never stop, especially while you are on the go! Add a Basic Auto Safety Kit to your emergency supplies, only store this one in the trunk of your car. This compact kit has a simple first aid kit, flashlight, poncho, emergency blanket, multitool knife, and more. Throw one of these in your car to be prepared for whatever comes your way on the road!
  • Compact
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight
  • Work Gloves
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Rain Poncho
  • Light Sticks
  • Multitool Knife

Details & Specs

Basic Auto Safety Kit - Emergency Gear for the Road

FugitivePrices values preparation in all situations, and most of us spend plenty of time on the road. Adda Basic Auto Safety Kit to your glove box or trunk to ensure that you have some of the emergency basics on hand should you run into trouble. This simple and effective kit was put together to give you some simple tools in case an accident happens while you are traveling. Complete with heavy duty work gloves, first aid kit, rain poncho, light sticks, powerful LEF flashlight, hand warmers, and more, this basic auto kit will give you an added sense of security and peace of mind as you travel in your car, truck, van, boat, or RV. 

Basic Auto Safety Kit Contents - 

  • Large Black Pouch
  • Emergency Relective Blanket
  • Adult Emergency Poncho
  • (2) Hand Warmers
  • Light Stick
  • Plastic Signal Whistle
  • Multitool Knife
  • 9 LED Compact Flashlight
  • Tissue Pack
  • Wet Naps
  • Note Paper and Pencil
  • 53 Piece First Aid Kit
  • (3) AAA Batteries
  • (1 Pair) Heavy Duty Work Gloves

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