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Lux 50-Watt Solar Panel - Semi-flexible, Lightweight, Portable

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Lux 50 watt solar panels are the ideal charging solution for the Ilios Solar Generator. Durable, light, semi-flexible, mountable and portable. Daisy-chain them in parallel for up to 350 watts of solar charging power. Cables included.
  • 50-Watt Panel
  • Rigid and Durable
  • Daisy-Chainable
  • Lightweight
  • Monocrystalline
  • Portable

    Details & Specs

    Portable, Flexible 50-Watt Solar Panel

    Each Panel Includes two 3-foot MC4 cables and two MC4 T-branch connectors.  When 7 Lux panels are daisy-chained in parallel they can power the Ilios solar generator up to a full charge in as little as 5 hours. The MC4 standard connectors will fit many other solar devices in addition to the Ilios.

    Lux Solar Panel Specs:

    • Each Panel: 21.5x21.1x.1 inches (panel, with fuse / cables spot being .75 inches)
    • STC: irradiance 1000w/m^2, T=25 degree C, AM = 1.5
    • 50 Watt,  12V panels
    • Monocrystalline
    • Light weight
    • MC4 Industry Standard Connectors. Compatible with current systems along with Ilios
    • Semi-flexible - not glass/breakable, safe for portable use
    • Mountable (using adhesive, grommets, zipties, or velcro)
    • Efficiency: 21.5%
    • Tolerance: +/- 5% W
    • Open circuit voltage: 21.6V<
    • Short circuit current 3.05A
    • Max power voltage 17.6V
    • Max power current 2.84A
    • Max system voltage - 600V DC
    • Max series fuse rating: 10A

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